Saturday 4 February 2023

Thank you for the days: the weekend

A bonus post to complement last week's mini-series about days of the week - it's the weekend! What better excuse do I need to feature a band I'm not sure I've ever written much about much before...

So don't hang around and be foolish
Do something constructive with your weekend

No, it's not their finest work, but it's hard to argue with the sentiment. What are you still doing hanging around here? Being foolish?!?


  1. Nice one, I really like this - it's just so '77 Jam and takes me right back to my youthful feelings and that response to hearing and seeing them on TV at the time. Good feelings.
    Nothing foolish about spending the weekend hanging around a blog or two :-)

    1. Yeah, it's good, isn't it? Easy to forget how young Weller was at this time too.