Thursday 6 December 2007

Gigging hell

In a desperate attempt not to talk about more emotional subjects, I'll instead ask this: what do the following music acts have in common: Scott Matthews, The Jam, Travis, The Happy Mondays, Ed Harcourt, Ray Davies, The Wedding Present, The Good Shoes, Squeeze and The Electric Soft Parade? Nothing, other than that they were the headline acts of all the gigs I've been to during 2007. Lucky (skint) me, eh? Noteworthy support acts included Josh Pyke (supporting Scott Matthews), Rosalita (supporting The Jam), Milburn (at the Mondays-headlined Electric Gardens festival), the wondrous Astrid Williamson (supporting The Wedding Present) and the mind-blowing Ida Maria (supporting The Good Shoes), all of whom I recommend to you.

Wonder who I'll see next year? Am already eyeing up tickets for The Cribs...