Tuesday 19 July 2022


Verse, Chorus, Monster! by Graham Coxon

No, this isn't going to be another post about REM. Instead, it's a heads-up - an early warning, if you like. For Blur guitarist and all-round very interesting bloke Graham Coxon has written his autobiography. Verse, Chorus, Monster! goes on sale on the 6th of October.

You can already get our pre-orders in over at Jeff Bezos's place, or there are all kinds of special editions, signed, in slip cases, with extras, that kind of thing: you can take your pick (or choose your budget) at linktr.ee/versechorusmonster

I sometimes think it takes a guitarist to really appreciate a guitarist, although I'm self-aware enough to recognise that view may be coloured by the fact that I play guitar. Whatever. It's long but I love this video of Graham discussing the recording of my favourite Blur album, Modern Life Is Rubbish. In part, it's the insights into the recording but best of all are the bits when he plays along with tracks I know so well, both hands in shot. It's illuminating. He's a very, very under-rated guitarist.

And because he's not just the guitarist from Blur, here's a track from my favourite Coxon solo album, Love Travels At Illegal Speeds: Standing On My Own Again, recorded here in the last days of that mainstream music show we used to have...


  1. 'Modern Life...' is my favourite Blur album; 'Love Travels...' is my favourite Coxon solo record too.

  2. I imagine this will be a far more humble account than if Damon were writing it...

    1. I imagine you are 100% correct there.