Friday 1 July 2022

Kitchen karaoke

Found myself singing this in the kitchen last night, whilst cooking tea. I might have got a little carried away, as Mrs New Amusements got up from where she was working in the dining room and closed the kitchen door. But honestly, it's lost none of its power, even with me belting it out. So here are three versions of Sleep Well Tonight - the first is the official promo video, salvaged from VHS by Gene super-fan Lewis Slade. The second is a live TV performance from Mark Radcliffe's much-missed Channel 4 show The White Room, from either '95 or '96. And finally, there's fan footage of Martin Rossiter, at the warm-up gig for his farewell show last year. All brilliant. But then you knew I'd say that, right?


  1. The Man OF Cheese1 July 2022 at 22:19

    I'm with you there,many a time I've sung this at the top of my voice in the car, you just have to!

  2. Oh, whilst Gene were never really on my radar (I think I've heard and learned more about them only since coming here) I just got the sweetest tingly goosebumps, seeing the White Room performance immediately followed by last year's warm-up gig footage. Something about the song and the thought of the passing of the years between made me go all funny, but in a good way. You know like - yes we're all still here, we're all in it... and the music prevails.

    1. Don't worry, C, Gene's music has been giving me goosebumps for over half my life. I can only implore you to investigate their back catalogue further, starting here