Wednesday 2 May 2007

Sit down Mourinho!

Chelsea FC manager Jose Mourinho is clearly a talented guy, and good at what he does. Okay, many will say that Chelsea have bought success through their (dodgy) Russian billionaire owner, Roman Abramovich. But it takes skill and shrewd management to mould any group of players, let alone precocious world-class players, into a team, and Jose has done that. Certainly it was more than his predecessor, Claudio Ranieri, another talented football manager, could achieve. Success has followed: Premiership titles, the League Cup, and more, probably.

All of which makes it even more disappointing that when things don't go right for the self-proclaimed "chosen one" of European football, rather than be gracious about it and accept the slings and arrows with the same good grace that he accepts the plaudits, Jose starts carping about anything and everything. Witness last night's "we were the better team" rant after Chelsea's exit to a visibly superior Liverpool team in the second leg of their Champions' League semi-final. Clearly not, because if they were better Jose, you blinkered fool, it would be Chelsea that were in the final, not The Reds of Anfield.

So sit down, Mourinho, and pipe down... it's time the chosen one learnt to be a good loser.