Fantasy Cover Versions - index

Fantasy Cover Versions is an occasional blog series where you, the reader, can make the case for the cover version that you'd love to hear but, fairly obviously, does not actually exist. Why not submit yours?

Whatever, here's an index of the imaginary covers that have featured thus far or are scheduled.

  1. If The Rolling Stones covered "Just When You're Thinkin' Things Over"... from me (07-Feb-2022)
  2. If Kacey Musgraves covered "Does This Train Stop on Merseyside?"... from C (29-Apr-2019)
  3. If Black Sabbath covered "Bits And Pieces"... from C (02-Jul-2018)
  4. If Liam Gallagher covered "Arnold Layne"... from me (21-Apr-2018)
  5. If Morrissey covered "Perfect"... from Rigid Digit (05-Apr-2018)
  6. If Roger Whittaker covered "Supersonic"... from Cassidy (04-Apr-2018)
  7. If Roy Orbison covered "Some Candy Talking"... from Davy (28-Mar-2018)
  8. If Lana Del Rey covered "She's Got You"... from me (06-Mar-2018)
  9. If Morrissey covered "The Asylum"... from me (21-Dec-2017)
  10. If Billy Bragg covered "Half A Person"... from The Man Of Cheese (08-Dec-2017)
  11. If Elvis Costello covered "Can't Get You Out Of My Head"... from another Mark (25-Sep-2017)
  12. If King Creosote covered "Keep The Car Running"... from Stevie (18-Sep-2017)
  13. If Tony Bennett covered "Anarchy In The UK"... from Mark (11-Sep-2017)
  14. If Lisa Hannigan covered "Dream A Little Dream Of Me"... from Mark (04-Sep-2017)
  15. If John Lennon covered "Yesterday"... from John (21-Aug-2017)
  16. If Emiliana Torrini covered "Wild Wood"... from C (14-Aug-2017)
  17. If Johnny Cash covered "Do You Realise?"... from Rol (07-Aug-2017)
  18. If Nick Cave covered "No Surprises"... from me (31-Jul-2017)

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