Wednesday, 9 March 2022

To cast or not to cast

It's getting on for nearly four years since I last did a mix like this (the below is from June 2018, and I was very excited about it at the time because it has some clunky cross-fading). Should I do some more? Or is it, like the blog as whole, just me shouting into the ambivalent ears of the world?


  1. Good timing Martin as I'm spending long days the rest of this week scanning and editing work and and will tune in while I'm sat here - I enjoy not knowing what's coming next.

    1. Oh, good! Expect something, albeit not very original, on Saturday.

  2. Just listened and thoroughly enjoyed, the perfect accompaniment to my work at the moment, thank you. I only checked the tracklisting afterwards and there were a few surprises (but I guessed that was Gene at the end!) The Codeine Velvet Club was a revelation, I kept thinking: is that Nancy & Lee? Excellent.