Friday, 18 March 2022

Blue Friday: Your House

There's a reason why Jagged Little Pill sold a pajillion copies - it's bloody good. I resisted it at the time, of course, being the parochial indie snob that I was1. Who was this young Canadian woman with a history of mainstream pop, suddenly going angsty, I thought? Popping up everywhere with her list of things that weren't actually ironic? As you can tell, I was unimpressed.


I picked Pill up for 50p in a charity shop recently and it really does justify those pajillion sales (okay, 33 million and counting) - it's uniformly excellent, and has even aged well, if you can put the slew of lesser soundalikes it begat out of your head.

But anyway, Blue Friday. This is the hidden track from the end of original CD versions of the album, an a capella rendition which, like much of the album, deals with the pain of being betrayed in a relationship.

1 Was? Was?!

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