Wednesday, 4 August 2021

Music Assembly: An Ending (Ascent)

An Ending (Ascent) was written by the ambient musician's ambient musician, Brian Eno, recorded by him, his brother Roger and Daniel Lanois, and released in 1983. It was part of the Apollo: Atmospheres and Soundtracks album that accompanied a narration-free homage to NASA's lunar programme Apollo (later retitled For All Mankind). Now I didn't see that documentary, nor did I buy the album. My first exposure to the track probably came in Danny Boyle's genre-reinventing masterwork 28 Days Later, though it has also been used in Traffic and Drive. Having said all that, I think the usage that made me file away a mental note to blog this tune when the right series came along was probably Clarkson-era Top Gear. Regardless, whenever and wherever I first heard it, this remains a piece of sublime beauty.

Here it is in a couple of contexts...

...and in full.

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