Friday, 13 August 2021

Blue Friday: Blue Flashing Light

The hidden bonus track on their bajillion-selling second album The Man Who, this is an angry, painful and ultimately fatal tale of domestic abuse from Travis. You know, lovely, friendly, safe, why-does-it-always-rain-on-me Travis. Don't believe me? Here's the second verse as an example.

Call me a name and I'll hit you again.
You're a slut, you're a bitch, you're a whore.
Talk to your daddy in that tone of voice,
There's a belt hanging over the door.
So you run to your room
And you hide in your room,
Thinking how you could settle the score...

It doesn't end well. Here's the song.


  1. I always loved this song. A more interesting direction Travis could have headed in, before Fran realised the money was in being Mr. Nice Guy.

    1. Agree. They've had moments in this vein since, but they're out weighed by the nice guy stuff, as you say. Shame, that.