Tuesday, 2 June 2020

Granadaland, locked down, stripped back

I suppose there might come a time when I stop blogging about The Wedding Present...but I can't imagine when that might be. When dementia sets in? When I roll behind the crematorium curtain? Who knows.

Anyway, here's the first in a promised series of lockdown offerings from Mr Gedge and his merry band. I love it but then you knew I would, so let me elaborate: I love how the stripped back format allows the fundamental groove of the song to shine; I love how the basic production reminds me of the band's early years; I love watching the musicians play in close up; I love how much Jon clearly loves subbing for Danielle in the line-up; I love Chris's neighbour-friendly blanket-based drum-muffling; I love, love, love Mel's shy performance and studied bass; I love getting a definitive close-up of which chords to play for this on my guitar; and I love that David has stopped dying his hair. I could go on...

I won't post them all (though I could, happily) but you can scoop the rest up, as they appear, on the band's YouTube channel, Wedding Present TV.


  1. The Man Of Cheese3 June 2020 at 22:49

    Never-that's when you should stop blogging about The Weddoes..

    1. And that's exactly when it'll happen :)