Wednesday, 24 June 2020

Rain finally makes the roses grow

Last month I wrote about a planned online mini-gig from Martin Rossiter. The event was beset by technical difficulties and was aborted after one song (and much buffering). This was frustrating for everyone and, if truth be told, probably a bit embarrassing for Martin and organsiers/facilitators Star Shaped... so they had another go, last night. And it was quite wonderful. In years to come, if pandemics and lockdowns don't become the new normal, we'll all have a lot of unusual and lasting memories to take from our current situation, and one of mine will be standing in the kitchen, tea-towel in hand, breaking out in goosebumps twice during a stripped-down, piano-and-voice Olympian...

Oh, and the new song, Rain Makes The Roses Grow, teased last month, finally got an airing!

The whole shebang was also a fundraiser for NHS Charities Together and you can donate here if you like. When I last looked this had raised more than two and a half grand, so well done to all concerned.

I am loathe to embed a Facebook post but until I can find a better way of presenting the gig, here it is...

Martin Rossiter Mini Show!

Martin Rossiter performs a mini show to raise money for our courageous NHS workers.

Posted by Star Shaped Club on Tuesday, 23 June 2020

Set list:

  • I Can't Help Myself
  • I Must Be Jesus
  • Rain Makes The Roses Grow
  • Olympian
  • Three Points On A Compass


  1. The Man Of Cheese24 June 2020 at 22:56

    Will check this out tomorrow. I'll try not to well up during Three Points but can't promise....

    1. It's emotional, mate, that's for sure.