Sunday, 31 December 2017

Happy new year

I post this on Facebook every new year, but my "friends" list is always too busy having a good time to notice. I love the KROQ live band version of this, but for this night - which used to be the biggest night of the year when The Man Of Cheese and I were knocking about the mean streets of the Bay or the 'bury, but is now so very different - for this night, the original, quiet piano version seems more fitting. See you on the other side.


  1. Your song choice sounds suitably reflective!
    Happy New Year, Martin and thanks for all I've enjoyed here during this one.

  2. Happy New Year, Martin - even if we are destined for the hot place.

    Finished DTTDE a few days ago and found it immensely moving (and also pretty funny). Will try to expand on that review soon.

    1. And to you, Rol, happy new year. Yes, will meet you down below, in the warm seats...

      And cheers, I'll take immensely moving and pretty funny all day long. Tried to maintain some humour, albeit of the gallows variety, to offset some of the bleakness. Look forward to your review.

    2. By the way, Martin... did you see this?

    3. I did...and I thought it quite well judged. "When people are scared of everything...they attack people about whom they know nothing." Probably something in that. Maybe a little Moz paranoia in places, but we should expect nothing less!