Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Better than it has any right to be

According to Wikipedia, the combined age of Debbie Harry and Joan Jett is 131, so this collaboration, from Blondie's latest album Pollinator, proves that age need not be a barrier to cranking out a decent tune. To further put this age thing into context, I could add that Debbie is only four years younger than my mum, who mostly cranks out cups of tea, nice roast dinners, and the occasional trip to her GP. I expect your mum is much the same.

The video is terrific too: dynamic, funny and thought-provoking. There's a lot going on in the detail, and it rewards repeated viewing.


  1. A truly scary thought about the combined ages! Very inspirational though (my poor mum barely made it to 70, there's no comparison!)
    Good to see this again in its own right but with the bonus that it brings back happy memories of a great gig night too.

    1. And that's without adding in the rest of the band.