Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Eight Days A Week

Tired of crap Christmas TV? Watch this instead, from 1984 - a regional music review show with a dream panel of George Michael, Morrissey and, er, Tony Blackburn. A wonderful snapshot of the era, in which George is brilliant, Morrissey is brilliant and Tony... not so much. He looks particularly a man out of time, even then, when the panel discuss breakdance movie Breakin'. Also, look out for mention of Status Quo in the wrap at the end, anticipating their farewell tour...33 years ago. That's a long goodbye.

Anyway, whatever reason you watch this for, it's 22 minutes of TV gold.


  1. This looks great - a real timepiece. Haven't managed to watch it all yet but loved what I have done so far and hope I'll get round to the rest soon (just feeling a bit 'viewed' out generally!)
    What a find.

    1. It really is a terrific snapshot of the time. And I love how seriously all the panel, and the host, take it all. Would love a programme like this now...but who would be on the panel?

    2. I agree - to think we had so many music programmes too generally - do you remember The Beat with Gary Crowley? Naked City? Raw Soup? TXT? The Chart Show? Something Else? Riverside? (my god there's a whole post there just waiting to be written!) - and yet now there's only Later.
      Who would be on a panel show like this, good question! Mark Radcliffe or Jo Whiley perhaps, Stormzy probably (keeping things current) and Sarah Cracknell for us old-timers. Could this be the start of a Fantasy Music Panel Show series?

    3. Remember The White Room too? Channel 4's short-lived version of Later.

      Jo Whiley's a great shout for a panellist. How about Billy Bragg too?