Tuesday 2 January 2018

Two new / new two

One of the joys of driving lots over Christmas and the New Year is the chance to listen to different radio stations. I spent five hours in the car last night, part of which was skimming off one corner of the M25, and so of course I tuned into Radio X for a bit. An aversion to commercial station adverts means I don't usually listen to it at home, where I'd have to tune in on DAB, but occasionally, when it's in FM range, why not?

And I heard two new songs that I enjoyed enough to memorise the artists and titles. These are they.

The first was a track entitled The Liar by The Fernweh, a band about whom I know nothing other that you can find them here on Soundcloud and here on Twitter. The Liar is their debut single and is released on 26th January... so I can't find anywhere (yet) to embed the whole thing. There is a 30-second snippet here though. I love this sound. It's sounds like... 1969, I think. When the single is released and there's a full embeddable version somewhere, I fully expect to darken your door with this again.

The other standout track from last night's FM adventure was What For by The Sea Girls. It reminds me a bit of Pompeii by Bastille. See what you think.


  1. I get what you mean about the first track sounding like 1969 - or maybe '68! A bit West Coasty from what I could gather from those 30 seconds.
    I've a feeling we'll be hearing a lot more from Sea Girls too. Definitely has chart potential and yes I know what you mean about Bastille/Pompeii - vocally sounds a bit like their vocalist, that sweet-faced man Dan who always looks a bit worried (it's the eyebrows I think). Anyway I'll have to remember I heard it here first :-)

    1. "vocally sounds a bit like their vocalist" d'oh...

    2. Heard it here first... eh, a real trend-setter, me! West Coast, '68, a little Byrdsian (Eight Miles High), maybe..?

      And yes, the peril of not being able to edit your comments... but it could have been worse. "The vocalist's vocals vocally sound like their vocalist, vocally." I've written worse :)