Sunday 5 May 2024

Leonard Cohen Afterworld

Disclaimer: this post was written in December 2023, and scheduled for future posting. Its contents may no longer be accurate or appropriate.

It's thirty years to the day since Kurt Cobain took his own life. So yes, more time has passed since his death than he was alive for. A terrible shame, and a terrible waste, like any suicide.

I sometimes have a little inward smile when I see kids, tweens or younger, wearing their Nirvana t-shirts. This would have been like pre-teen me wearing a Perry Como t-shirt - not impossible, but not likely either. Still, times change, I suppose, and a crossed-eye smiley face is a logo, and logos are cool, right? They really say something about that kid who's never heard a Nirvana song, except maybe that contagious one, right? Right?

God, I sound like a right curmudgeonly old sod. (What do you mean, 'sound like'? - Ed.)

Anyway, here's a favourite Nirvana song of mine, from the fabled MTV Unplugged session. Maybe I like this because I too have very bad posture, who knows? Note how impossibly young, fresh-faced and clean-shaven Dave Grohl looks in this clip.

As an aside, help is out there for anyone who gets to feeling like Kurt did in the end, not least from Samaritans.


  1. Still recall the shock of hearing about the suicide. In my mind, it doesn't seem like 30 years ago....and it's another sign of how quickly time is marching on.

    Great observation about the t-shirts.

    1. Time flies, doesn't it? Never seems 30yrs.

  2. I love the idea that Perry Como was our generation's Kurt Cobain. Or vice versa.