Thursday 23 May 2024

Great moments in music video history #11: Sabotage

Disclaimer: this post was written in December 2023, and scheduled for future posting. Its contents may no longer be accurate or appropriate.

Kids today, eh? They don't like bands, or albums, they just like tracks. Example: Amusements Minor loves No Sleep 'Til Brooklyn but, despite my best efforts, steadfastly refuses to entertain anything else by The Beastie Boys. Anything! I blame Spotify. Or maybe I'm to blame, perhaps I haven't enthused enough (or too much). But I like this song... and love the video, which feels like all the best and worst aspects of every late 70s American cop show combined in three nostalgia-soaked minutes. Keep 'em peeled for a fleeting glimpse of Starsky knitwear even!

So, bottom line - I'm not picking a specific moment in this video because the whole thing is excellent. "Starring Nathan Wind as Cochese" indeed... Enjoy.

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  1. Truly brilliant, in every way. I was in the new Rough Trade shop in Liverpool last weekend. They have a section of shelves with musical action figures and in stock at the moment is a 3 figure box set of the 3 men in the video above with accessories. If it wasn't £62 I might have bought it.

    1. Isn't it just? The 3 figure set sounds great... but 62 quid? Ay carumba!