Wednesday, 17 August 2022


Finally, enough rain to top up the water butts, if not to get excited about. Here's an of-its-time (1991) nearly-hit from Rain: Lemonstone Desired.

Next, a song superficially about rain, from contemporaries of Rain (although this was from some time later): When It Rains by The Real People.

And I've posted it before but finally, Rain - a song that would be many bands' highpoint but that this lot could throw out as a B-side.

Enjoy the rain. Avoid areas that flood. And at the risk of, ahem, raining on anyone's parade, remember this year's messed-up weather, the hot and the wet, is all down to anthropogenic climate change.


  1. Love the first two, both new to me. Not sure the last lot will go anywhere though...

    1. Yeah, they won't get far with bad miming like that.