Friday, 4 June 2021

More new to NA ... and more reasons to be grateful for 6 Music

This is Sand Fight by the splendidly named Folly Group. I heard it on the always-interesing 6 Music; Nemone, filling in for Shaun Keaveny, played it this time yesterday, as I had my lunch.

I hadn't heard this track before; indeed, I hadn't heard of Folly Group either. But this is excellent, I think. It puts me in mind of what The Cure might sound like if they were just starting out now, taking their late-70s teen sensibilities and influences, and transferring them wholesale to a 2021 landscape. There's something of The Blue Aeroplanes in the spoken word delivery too. Anyway ... see what you think.


  1. Good call - I've been hearing this on 6 Music too and it's really got in there, your description is spot on; I'd also add that instrumentally it's a little bit Monochrome Set plus the vocals put me in mind somewhat of Maximo Park/Field Music...
    Anyway, I definitely feel encouraged by a lot of what I've been hearing on there lately, there's always hope...!

    1. Hope springs eternal!

      God help us when the next inevitable round of BBC cost-saving threatens 6...

  2. A nice bit of jingle jangle there

  3. The Man Of Cheese7 June 2021 at 22:42

    Love it,put me in mind of a cross between The Stranglers and Joy Division!