Thursday, 10 June 2021

All things must cost

I get a regular email shot from that highlights interesting new vinyl releases. I don't buy much from there, but it's often an interesting read.

Today's email flagged a number of new releases to commemorate the 50th anniversary of George Harrison's rightly lauded post-Beatles triple LP, All Things Must Pass.

Forgetting the CD releases, here are your vinyl options:

All things must cost

So if the standard triple disc isn't enough for you, at an already eye-watering £56.99, there's the "Exclusive" package with green and black splatter vinyl, bizarrely. A bargain at just £66.99. And if Exclusive isn't enough for you, there's the "Deluxe" package at £78.99, for which tidy sum you get five slabs of plastic instead of three. "What's better than Deluxe?" asked a marketing man, somewhere, sometime. "Super Deluxe", apparently, at a barely credible £174.99.

"What's better than Super Deluxe?" asked the marketing man's accountant. "Uber Deluxe", it seems. And it also seems that you can charge £859.99 for a record if you have enough rabid Beatles fans and you throw in a wooden box.

Yep. You read that right. Eight hundred and fifty nine pounds and ninety nine pence. Mother of God. And you still have to pay seven quid to have it delivered. Pah! Judge for yourself if you think it's worth it.

It's hard not to wonder what George would have made of it all. As for me, I borrowed this album from the university library way back when, and taped it. That'll have to do for me.