Thursday, 17 June 2021

About being timeless

I found this postcard of Sophia Loren in my stationery drawer this afternoon. When you've recovered from mocking me for having a stationery drawer (in fairness to myself I should point out the drawer contains lots of things, stationery being just one of them), take a moment to consider that this photograph was taken in 1966 by Milton H. Greene (best known for his work with Marilyn Monroe).

1966. Fifty five years ago. And yet it looks pretty contemporary, doesn't it? Not hard to imagine a current star, maybe Mila Kunis, striking a similar pose, with similar results.

Is that the definition of timelessness, then? To age, whilst remaining contemporary? Or is it rather that fashion has gone around so far as to be back where it started?

I think I prefer the idea that this is timeless...


  1. You seem to have been really prolific with your blog posts of late Martin and I’m just catching up.

    I too have a stationery drawer, and a shelf, and a cupboard! One of the main reasons I had to give up my office job was that we went ‘paperless’ and I was bereft.

    Anyway, just wanted to comment on that picture - She looks stunning but also totally contemporary as you say. A casual pose and devoid of makeup and fancy hairdos. Reminded of Eva Mendes too.