Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Fantasy Cover Version #13 - if Roger Whittaker covered "Supersonic"...

A blog series that you can contribute to...

Here's the gist. I want to hear about your fantasy cover versions. Simply make the case for the cover version that you'd love to hear but, fairly obviously, does not actually exist. And send me that case, here. By case, I mean explain why artist X covering song Y would be good, don't just send me their respective names.

Thirteenth guest Cassidy suggests something here that, at first, I thought might be an elaborate April Fool but then he sent it on the 31st March... and besides, once you start hearing this, it works its way into your head and becomes not just plausible but credible. See what you think. Cassidy writes:

This may be a little too close to FCV #12 but here goes... Many years ago, in the early days of Oasis, I was playing Supersonic on guitar.

When it came to the post chorus guitar riff instead of playing it on the guitar I started to whistle it. This immediately took me back to my childhood and the sound of Roger Whittaker's whistling.

And so for the next couple of hours I was Roger, singing, playing and whistling a variety of early Oasis songs. But none of them matched the magic of Supersonic. So that is my suggestion for FCV, Roger Whittaker covering Supersonic by Oasis.

As someone who appreciates a good whistle, this works for me. How about you? And thanks, Cassidy.

Think you can suggest a fantasy cover version this good? Then please, try your luck and remember - the more you make the case, the better! The list of past submissions may inspire you.


  1. Anything would be better than the Oasis version. (Sorry, Cassidy.)

    1. I wonder what (if anything) it says abut me that my favourite Oasis songs are the ones that Noel sang? The less the Liam content, the better the song?

  2. How lovely and original! It seems so very unlikely, yet - well, why not? And I envy you the whistling, Cassidy. I've never mastered it, never, and it has remained a source of great disappointment throughout my life....
    Btw Martin - with you on the Noel songs and he def has the better voice.

  3. It's no joke and I'm a bloke. The inspiration for my name was Butch or David or possibly both. Shortening my name to Cass in my email address was pretty dumb.

    1. Apologies, will edit this straightaway. That'll teach me to assume. The email threw me a bit.

      And I quickly knew it was no joke because it's such a good suggestion!