Tuesday, 20 July 2021

Catching up / emptying boxes

Had a weekend of tidying up and sorting through old boxes of paperwork here at NA Towers. All kinds of interesting ephemera came to light. One such object was a museum brochure, advertising the forthcoming exhibitions and events for Summer 2007 (yes, I'm a hoarder). I'd hung on to it because I really liked the photograph on the front cover, which was lifted from a touring exhibition of contemporary photography from the Victoria & Albert Museum, due to arrive that May. It's untitled and was shot by Corinne Day, for Vogue. Here it is.

Corinne Day's untitled photograph of Kate Moss, for the Vogue fashion story 'Under Exposed', 1993

Now, as you might expect, I have no interest in Vogue magazine, or fashion shoots; I don't have an especial interest in Kate Moss either. But blimey, this photograph struck me (beguiled me, perhaps), enough to hang on to the aforementioned museum brochure for, what, fourteen years, all the time thinking, I must do something with that picture, sometime.

So here I am, doing something, albeit the something in question is just me parking a photograph I like and commenting on the fact that I'm a hoarder who squirrels things away, just in case.

To flesh this post out a bit, here are some links:
Corinne Day | The Vogue feature in full | A blog post on how the shoot was (probably) lit | The photo at the V&A

There, I've done something with it. Guess I can (reluctuantly) put the brochure in the recycling bin now...


  1. I don't check in for a week or so and suddenly this blog becomes Loaded!

    (Only kidding.)

    1. If it was Loaded, I'd have included some of the others photos from the shoot. This is art, right? :)

  2. Yes, beguiling is the word - I think it's a compelling photo of a very natural woman and I totally see the appeal!
    Martin, don't worry about your perceived hoarding. I could tell you some crazy tales about my dad and his wife after which I'm sure you'd feel like a minimalist...

    1. Minimalist? That would be nice. I think I form semi-sentimental attachments to things too easy. Maybe your dad too.