Wednesday 27 January 2021

Rude Runes

It's a source of constant surprise, and regret, that I have made more money from t-shirt designs than I have books. Regret, because I'd dearly love to be a successful author. Surprise, because I literally knock up the t-shirt designs in minutes, with precious little thought for actual design or visual appeal. I don't try very hard at it, is what I'm saying.

But anyway, after becoming familiar with the Anglo-Saxon alphabet today (don't ask), I suddenly hit upon the idea for Rude Runes - basically, t-shirts (or hoodies, or badges, or laptop cases, or ... or all the rest) that proclaim a modern swear word, curse or oath, but spelled out in Anglo-Saxon runes. There's an example on the right, the most obvious one if you're trying to read or decipher it without knowing actual Anglo-Saxon letters.

There are nine such designs in all, if you want to drop the F-bomb, proudly display the C-word, tell someone to F-off, call them a dick or worse... all available in a range of fetching colours, and on a range of products, not just clothing. And they're all available, along with other hastily knocked-up designs at - be quick, because for the first two days all new designs are discounted, so a Rude Runes t-shirt is currently only a tenner, rather than the usual £15.

Go on, there must be someone you'd like to give a scatter cushion to, whilst simultaneously calling them a tw*t...


  1. Brilliant and utterly inspired, Martin!

  2. Very sneaky - How to subtly insult someone.

    1. And who doesn't want to do that sometimes?!

  3. Replies
    1. Cheers. Means they probably won't sell, of course, but hey...