Thursday 28 January 2021


I have the sort of job that requires me to have an annual appraisal, which itself requires the completion of a rigid, onerous and slightly ridiculous form.

In prepping for my imminent annual dissection I referred back to last year's appraisal write-up and note that I wrote about a promotion opportunity being closed off to me, thus:

...if others are moving forwards and I am standing still, am I actually going backwards, relatively speaking?

I can't help myself, when it comes to words. I bet my colleagues think I'm a pompous arse.

Anyway, here's an appropriate song that I thought I had featured before but can't seem to find where, so apologies if this is repetitious... but at least it bears repetition, so much so that I'll include two versions. Play loud.


  1. I remember those ridiculous forms Martin, but the very fact you've called them ridiculous...

    I often wished I could be like the others, just come in, do what was asked of me and then go home without ever displaying smartass tendencies, BUT it can be tough. Once my 30-something colleague became my boss, it was all but over for me as I was totally sidelined. Good luck with the annual appraisal (and curb your wordiness for the duration!). That best-selling novel is on the horizon, I'm sure.

  2. Oh I love that, rebellion with intellect, that's what we need.
    I remember those days too when working in an office for a multinational corporation. I even spent a spell as an assistant in the Personnel Department doing where I got to see what everyone else had written, which felt strange - like looking through their private diaries. But your comment would have been a treat!
    Did you catch the Style Council documentary 'Long Hot Summers' recently? Really enjoyed it and have found myself reappraising them too, if you'll excuse the pun.

    1. Thanks, C. Was the TSC doc on Sky Arts? Or BBC4? Either way, I must watch that.

    2. Sky Arts - yes, hope you can watch it; I've no doubt you'll get a lot out of it.

    3. Thanks, C. Will definitely seek it out. An underappreciated band.