Monday, 16 December 2019

At last, a Christmas #1 campaign I can get behind

As you may have already seen, a campaign has started to get Running the World by Jarvis Cocker to the coveted Christmas number one spot.

You know what it's about. You know the lyrics, or at least their sentiment. It may be a trivial idea in the grand scheme of things (as is the idea that the Christmas number one still matters) but still, it seems a fitting riposte to last week's election news. And even if you don't feel politically motivated, there's still the idea of getting such a fantastically sweary record to the top spot. A win either way, surely?

Enough preaching to the converted. Please, head over to Amazon or iTunes and buy it. It's only 99p. As I write, it's the second best-selling song on Amazon, behind some fluff about sausage rolls. You know what to do.


  1. Too right. I would so so so SO love this to make it. Going to buy my copy on the way out!

    1. Currently 3rd bestselling digital song on Amazon (behind not one but two versions of that sausage roll nonsense, heaven help us...)