Wednesday, 13 February 2019

The Dirty Mac

I love that this happened. I love that it was recorded and that a recording was kept. And most of all, I love the minute of banter between John and Mick at the intro, particularly the moment 50 seconds in when Mick turns directly to the camera and says, "Dirty".

Here's Winston Legthigh on vocals and rhythm guitar, Mitch Mitchell from the Jimi Hendrix Experience on drums ("Are you really, experienced?" "Oh very, very. You've read my file."), Eric Clapton "from the late, great Cream" on lead guitar and "your own soul brother" Keith Richards on bass. In other words, The Dirty Mac performing Beatles vocal-shredder Yer Blues, from The Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus TV special.


  1. I love The Rock and Roll Circus. Give thanks indeed that it was recorded and kept, though we waited long enough for it to see the light of day!

  2. Praise the Lord that you didn't post the "Whole Lotta Yoko" video! "Yer Blues is FAB!"

    1. My immediate reaction to this was to think, "Oh, I'd better YouTube Whole Lotta Yoko." But then, guess what, I found that a really easy impulse to resist :)