Thursday 19 October 2017

Who was your favourite?

I cannot imagine a time when this title sequence will fail to make me feel joyously young again, even if only for one minute ten seconds...

And what a theme tune!


  1. Wow, that takes me back. And oh, confession time! My friends and I were huge fans at the start, it was unmissable, and yes indeed we each had our favourite whom we dreamed of doing unspeakable things with. Two of us loved Hutch and two of us loved Starsky. Perhaps you can you guess which one was mine? (Oh, and we all liked Huggy Bear, but not in *that* way!)

    1. Oh, 50/50...!

      Of the three of us, two were Starsk fans (see how I've even slipped into using Hutch's abbreviation for his partner - an abbreviation that saved him a whole letter, don't forget) and one thought Hutch was cooler.

    2. .... Were you and I both Hutch fans then?!

    3. No! Starsky had the car, you see. When you're a boy of primary school age, a big red car with a white swoosh on is very important (although how they ever went undercover in it remains a mystery). My older brother was the Hutch fan in our house.

    4. Ah, of course - the car. Never mind the cardy! (Although another confession, purely because of this programme I once bought one just like his, long and cream with a black pattern and a zip, which I wore over a black cap sleeve Tshirt and cream flares - ugh! (Well, I was only 12...)
      Hutch had all the right romantic credentials for me though. More brooding, less of a clown than Starsk...y.... Although I did give up on us baby a couple of years later when Paul Simonon became my cool crush and of course the flares and cardy were ditched.

    5. But did you ever had occasion to wear the cardy in question in a swimming pool, so you could emerge, knitwear-dripping, Starsky-style?

      Okay then, whilst we're doing confessions, for more than 30 years I have carried a coin with a hole in the middle on my key-ring, partly (okay, mostly) because Dave Starsky wore something similar on a cord around his neck (look).

  2. Starsky.

    He was more of a goofball.