Monday, 30 October 2017

Instinct, overheard

Overheard, earlier today...

A (downcast): Anyway, I'm sorry. I've been a bit down on myself lately, and it's made me a bit grumpy.

B (slightly disinterested): Don't be so hard on yourself.

A: I know, I've just been having a bit of an introspective phase, and -

B: Introspection's over-rated, if you ask me.

A: Well, I can't help it.

B (slightly more interested now): You can, actually. You can choose how you are, choose to give introspection a miss.

A (unconvinced but perhaps not wanting a debate): Well, maybe.

That's from memory, so apologies to A and B for misquotes and paraphrasing. That was certainly the gist of the conversation, anyway. So what do we think? Can you choose your mood, like B suggests? Or is choosing not an option, as A reckons? Is introspection, or any number of other behaviours, instinctive or reasoned?

You might think this slice of early Spandau Ballet would be the obvious choice to go with musings on instinction, but who likes obvious? It's alright, but I prefer a bit of tunesmithery, thanks.


  1. I'm far too introspective to tell you my thoughts on a blog ;-)

    Seriously though, don't think you can choose your mood, but do think you can choose to call on a big strong no-nonsense alter-ego to come in and give you a good pep talk (as long as it's all in the privacy of your own head). Does that make sense?

    1. No, I don't think you can either, though I have some time for the idea of choosing how to respond (which seems more measured, and therefore "choose-able", than reacting) to things. Who knows? Either way, I like the idea of a pep-talking alter-ego! Like having a rational, pragmatic internal monologue...

    2. I do it all the time. She (my inner life coach!) comes in really handy, although she tends to disappear when I'm angry or in the middle of an argument (which isn't very often, I grant you) and all hell breaks loose!
      I wonder what progressed from the conversation you overheard.