Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Comment away!

Hmm. I traced the problem to a PHP script that was working perfectly until yesterday, yet now does not work, despite throwing no errors and despite not being changed in any way. My web host protests its innocence. Whatever. In the meantime, I've added in a third-party solution to take my host out of the equation and guess what? It works perfectly...


  1. I've forgotten what I wanted to say now.

    1. D'oh! But at least you can say it, should it come back to you... My host now suspects my mail provider of blacklisting them, perhaps because of other users' email abuses... happy days.

  2. Just to shut the door on this story, it turns out my host's mail server was simply down the whole time. There was nothing wrong with my PHP script and my email provider wasn't blacklisting messages from my site host. It was just that the sodding mail server was down. I think it's back up now but I'm going to stay with the third-party solution for a while, see if it's more reliable...