Wednesday 1 December 2010

Things I haven't blogged about

If you're one of the three people that regularly read this blog, you'll know that I haven't written anything here for very nearly three weeks. It's not that I haven't had things to say, far from it. Some of the things I nearly blogged about, but didn't, include:
  • The 30th anniversary of Children In Need, and the incredible fact that it has raised half a billion pounds in that time. More specifically, I almost blogged about my first Children In Need memory, from 1983, when Joanna Lumley's selfless act of charity had a profound effect on 13-year-old me.
  • I almost wrote about the tie-in between and The Big Issue whereby you can download a free audiobook of Lifeless by Mark Billingham. It's a pretty good crime story with a great lead character in Tom Thorne. And it's being given away free here because, as a story, it highlights homelessness very effectively.
  • Oh, and I was going to bring to your attention, since it enables you to design and then buy your own customised trainers. You can choose from Converse, Ethletic, Vans, Dunlop and more besides. It's a very cool idea, is it not?
So, I was going to write about all these things in the last three weeks but didn't, and do you want to know why? Because, with the exception of my three Constant Readers (step forward Mark K, Rol and The Man Of Cheese), no-one seems too bothered about what I have to say, regardless of how amusing, entertaining or thought-provoking I try to make it. So I've started to wonder... is blogging like this just a massive vanity project? The worst kind of self-publishing? A hopeless case, and a waste of my time and yours? Or is there some value?

More to the point, should I carry on with this PipSpeak blog? Or call time on the whole charade?

I'd really welcome your thoughts... though I'm willing to bet no more than three people comment.


  1. We all have those thoughts from time to time, but if it helps you get things off your chest... why stop? Besides, I'm looking forward to reading your thoughts on Full Dark, No Stars.

    1. Well I'm pretty sure I'm getting Full Dark, No Stars for Christmas, so you can expect some comments on that in the New Year... if I'm still blogging by then...

  2. Now that you're a published author, surely this is the time to ramp up the blog, not wind it down? I know you don't like blowing your own trumpet (who does?) but the launch night has got to be worthy of a write-up.

    1. You're probably right, Mark. I think I was just having a maudlin moment/day/week/month. I will soldier on... and perhaps will write about the book launch at some point (especially the slightly heady thrill of being asked to sign books!)