Friday 16 July 2010

Latitude problem

The Latitude Festival started last night. I've been for the last few years and utterly loved it but, for personal reasons that I won't elaborate on here, I won't be going this year. Sniff. Shame because I can't think of a better festival, or at least not one that is better suited to me. Oh well. So instead of listening to Florence and the Machine, Belle and Sebastian, The Coral, Paul Heaton, The National, Corinne Bailey Rae, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Kristin Hersh or any of the other bands I would have been looking forward to... instead of listening to Bret Easton Ellis, Wendy Cope, Peter Hook being interviewed by Keith Allen, the debate on identity featuring Billy Bragg and Mark Thomas... instead of laughing with Emo Philips and Mark Watson... instead of all these things I would have liked to have seen, and all the other interesting stuff you inevitably stumble upon at Latitude, I will be pulling down a ceiling and learning, the sharp way, how to plaster.

Life changes, doesn't it?

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