Thursday, 15 April 2021

The Unewsual VIII - when is an iguana not an iguana?

Let's ignore the strange-but-true state of Prince Philip getting his own top-line news category (ahead of the apparently more trivial coronavirus and Brexit), and instead revel in the magnificence of this headline, and the least creative use of stock photography imaginable...

Full story here...


  1. I was shocked to read that M&S is suing Aldi over a fake Colin The Caterpillar cake. Having tried to eat a real Colin The Caterpillar cake that Louise bought for me and Sam at Christmas, god knows why anyone would want to create a fake one.

    Every day we get closer to The Day Today.

    1. Don't we just?

      I almost started typing a terrible joke about a Derek the Doppelganger cake, which probably suggests I am dangerously tired.

    2. We can all rest easy now: Judge Rinder has given his verdict on Colin and Cuthbert.

  2. Ha, brilliant. What would they make of a Colin (or Cuthbert) caterpillar cake left in a tree, I wonder?