Friday, 25 September 2020

Half heard

You know when you catch a song on the radio, just a snippet, and you think, "Oh, I like that, wonder who it is?" Well, long gone are the days when you had to listen out for a repeat play or trying humming/lala-ing the bit you could remember to your mate. If you couldn't read the track info from your RDS or DAB radio, there's always the station website to see what was played.

All of which is a pre-cursor to me saying that this morning I heard a snatch of a song on the radio and thought, "Oh, I like that, wonder who it is? Sounds a bit like Doves but not a tune I recognise." By the miracle of the 6Music website I now know exactly who and what it was.

Reader, it was Doves. Specifically, this.

First I've heard of any of the new material. Alright, isn't it? Although when I heard it, I really hoped it wasn't Doves because then I would have potentially discovered a new artist that I like, rather than recycling my same old parochial taste. Oh well ... life, eh?


  1. It's a great song, isn't it? - I listen to R6 a lot during my working day and they've been championing it. It sounds to me as if it could come from any era; hard to place specifically in 2020 (I would say the same about Ride's most recent output). But it proves they can still do it - so no need for a copycat new band, you can stay with the original!