Tuesday, 29 October 2019

Your Capricious Soul

Despite the hoo-ha surrounding the 25th anniversary deluxe edition treatment of Monster, this release from Michael Stipe nearly passed me by. It's his first solo work and R.E.M. fans hoping for Everybody Hurts are going to be disappointed. But have a listen. What do you think?

If you pay to download it from his site, all profits got to Extinction Rebellion, so there's that too.

Oh, and if you're thinking back to Monster and recalling it as a Marmite album, this recent interview with Stipe and Mills is worth a read.


  1. Could be a grower.

    I loved Monster at the time. It was New Adventures... I struggled with, although I learned to love it later.

    1. Ask me on the wrong day and I can make the case for Green being their last truly great album. I accept this is probably a minority view.

      Might start a new blog series: R.E.M. Fight Club! Pitching IRS-era songs against Warner Bros-era...

    2. I suppose it depends when you met them. Green was my first REM album.

    3. True, that's always going to be a factor. Life's Rich Pageant was my first, but had caught up with everything IRS-era and Green before Out of Time appeared. Think Reckoning might be my favourite...