Friday, 6 September 2019

Sorry Zoë...

I had occasion to listen to a bit of Zoë Ball's Radio 2 breakfast show just now. She played this, and it sounded bloody fantastic, 40+ years after its release. I may have danced around the kitchen.

After which Zoë said something like, "Ah, the Sue Lawley song. You have to sing 'Sue Lawley', don't you?"

No, Zoë, you don't. But thanks for illustrating why your show is apparently, and sadly, haemorrhaging listeners...


  1. Yes, we also sometimes have occasion to listen to Radio 2 of a morning but it seems the Children's TV Presenter style of hosting the breakfast show doesn't work. From Terry Wogan to Zoe in two steps. That's a cosmic shift.

  2. I never thought anyone would make me miss Chris Evans.