Tuesday 18 September 2018

The chart show

Unbelievably, this humble and largely unread blog has a YouTube channel. It is nothing to write home about at all and I don't put a lot of time or effort into it; rather, it's just somewhere to offload videos that I have recorded, mainly grainy gig footage. It sees very little traffic.

Still, at the moment there is a bit of a race on - which will be first to 500 views: a fairly close up video of the reformed Sleeper performing Sale Of The Century, in which the picture quality is good, the cameraman (me) predictably focuses mainly on Louise and the bass drum is a bit too much for the mic on my camera to handle; or, a grainy, camera-phone video shot from way up high of Paul Simon performing Late In The Evening? A distant third sees Morrissey recycling How Soon Is Now? I suppose he could put on a late spurt but at the moment it seems to be a two-horse race.

Here's the playlist of my current ten most popular videos... none of which, as you will see, are very popular. First to 500 views? Place your bets.


  1. Louise trumps wrinkly old Paul and objectionable old Moz on the video front in my eyes. Ears might judge differently.

  2. V impressed that NA has its own youtube channel. Sleeper and the Schipol Airport clock are my favourites - and if Sleeper were to play at Schipol Airport in front of the clock that would surely be a winner.

    1. Don't be too impressed, it's very ordinary. The Schipol clock can get a bit hypnotic (but not as much as Louise...)