Monday, 18 June 2018

About referrals... and The Beths

Apologies if you've read about The Beths today already, courtesy of the none-finer blog Plain Or Pan (and if you don't already subscribe to, or at least read, Craig's blog, why not? It is uniformly excellent).

Anyway, The Beths hail from New Zealand and, to my mind, sound a bit like Sleeper would have sounded if Louise Wener sang in a slightly higher register (and with a Kiwi accent). Or, Craig describes them thus: "Mercurial, quicksilver guitar riffs are tight and taut, wrapped around the melodies as snug as a straightjacket, the only sloppiness on show being intended rather than unavoidable." See, I told you he's an ace blogger.

Since I can't top that, and anyway am supposed to be taking a break from blogging, I'll leave it there and just share the title track from The Beths' forthcoming album, Future Me Hates You, instead. Enjoy.


  1. Nice. You're right on the money with the Sleeper comparison.

  2. Yes, as TS says. (Btw, the other night I was watching some footage of Sleeper from the recent gigs and they're on great form. Looking forward to seeing them soon!)
    And I must check out Plain Or Pan - thanks.

    1. Me too, was even thinking of investing in a Sleeperbloke t-shirt...

      And you must - Plain Or Pan is terrific.

    2. You are a man of many talents!

    3. Hardly. But thank you.