Monday, 26 March 2018


The recent news that Soft Cell are to reunite for one night only at the O2 (or that they require a pension top-up, some might say), has given me cause to dig out their out career retrospective, Memorabilia. And it's terrific, of course - you forget how great they were.

Slight problem - I can't get Bedsitter out of my head now, except that some part of my subconscious that has been saturated by too much political coverage for the last two years insists on substituting the word Brexitland into the chorus. All together now:

Dancing, laughing, drinking, loving. And now I'm all alone in Brexitland, my only home...

Which might be funny if I wasn't such a Remainer...

Great video too - love the underground shots at the start, the London streets, the coin-op phone box, the bottle of Quink ink (Royal Blue, of course). How we used to live, etc.


  1. Bugger it, now I'm stuck with that Brexitland lyric too...
    Yes, love the video. Soundtrack and images really sum up that time. For me, really resonant of listening to Non Stop Erotic Cabaret in my boyfriend's bedroom on a Friday night, before travelling down to Camden Market on a Saturday where we'd buy tubs of green hair gel (couldn't get it out in the suburbs then!). Then drop in to the Record & Tape Exchange to flick through racks of musty-smelling albums - in the hope of finding a Soft Cell rarity, perhaps!

    1. Sorry about that! But once heard, this cannot be unheard...

      Green hair gel? Any photos of that look?

    2. The hair gel itself was green, I mean - it didn't colour your hair - but it only ever came in green or blue and smelt like washing up liquid. At least that's how I remember it. Pic here was probably a bit earlier on but includes liberal use of gel (or was it still egg white at this point? It might have been, that was the best! )should you want a laugh:

    3. There was a spell when using soap or, indeed, washing up liquid to style hair was briefly popular in my neck of the woods/youth. Was fine until it rained...

      Punky monkey, very good.

  2. Classic. I've had the Carter version on repeat play recently, but you can't beat the original.