Tuesday 20 June 2017

More street art - Adam and Eve get sponsored

More street art/graffiti spotted on the walls of my adopted home town, this time critiquing our corporate-sponsored, modern life. How many logos can you spot?

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  1. Wow, love all these examples you've posted. Really inspired and I love it when political points are put across with humour too. Any idea who's responsible, is there a group behind them, or one talented individual or a whole load of talented individuals working independently....? Haha, it could be you of course ;-)

    No such joyous sights here sadly, I live in a rural village and the most imaginative thing I've seen is the word 'Imbreds' (they couldn't even spell it correctly) spray painted on the village sign as you enter...

    1. Good question. All the ones I've posted in years gone by are the work of one person or group, as they all have the same tag in the corner - a sort of "J" with two dots to the left. These two I posted yesterday are someone else's handiwork. Sad to say I am not two-dots J or yesterday's artists.

      And although I call it my adopted home town, I also live in a rural village, about six miles from said town. The most imaginative graffiti in the village of late has been "Ukraine" in Ukrainian and "God is gay" on the fence behind the church hall. Such enlightened times we live in, eh?