Friday 30 March 2012


I've written before about supermarkets and their all-pervasive power. The high-street smothering might of Tesco et al is, in case you were wondering, a bad thing.

Take a look at my adopted home town.

Tesco in the Norwich area

In an area of about seven miles square there are fifteen Tesco outlets. Fifteen! And that's not counting the One Stop shops which are, I believe, owned by Tesco too. There are nine of those in the same area, and a further three just outside.

Fifteen stores and nine affiliates in this tiny area. Too much, isn't it?

On the plus side, I was heartened to read that the residents of Herne, in my old stamping ground, seem to have fought off the Evil Empire. Be careful though, campaigners - as Sheringham proves, Tesco rarely gives up.

If the dominance of one retailer worries you, take a look at Tescopoly. You might think there's very little you can do, but every little helps, right?


  1. We have a fair few Tesco round these parts too, but most of the old independent "corner shop" types have been bought out by The Co-Op. I don't object to them as much as Tesco, but it is frustrating when you're driving round looking for a product you know the Co-Op doesn't sell (like unsalted butter!)

  2. The Man Of Cheese2 April 2013 at 14:39

    Tesco have indeed withdrawn from Herne. However they have received agreement to open in Herne Bay opposite the Ford garage. The cynic might say they put in for the frankly ludicrous Herne site in order to gain the second one and appear to graciously listen to locals' opinions.....

    1. Cynical, maybe. Correct, almost certainly. Is that the Ford garage whose flagpole you once climbed after an ale or two, mate?

    2. The Man Of Cheese2 April 2013 at 14:40

      Indeed it is sir. I do recall coming back to earth with a bump.........

    3. Happy days mate. Where did they go? Oh, to turn back the clock...