Wednesday 19 January 2011

Separated at birth II

Kelly Adams - actress of Hustle and Holby fame Kylie Minogue - perennial pop poppet and most accomplished filler of lingerie Do you watch Hustle? I usually find myself watching it on a Friday night, partly because there's naff-all else on and partly because it's fun, harmless, snappily made television. So what if the plots are borderline ludicrous? It's carefree, escapist TV in an age of bland austerity - no wonder it's doing so well. But anyway. I was watching last week when it suddenly struck me that Kelly Adams (left), who plays conwoman Emma, is the living spit of Antipodean perennial pop poppet Kylie Minogue (right). I mean, really, seriously, right down to the arch of the eye-brow, being short and having a rather lovely bottom.

It got me wondering, then - Miss Minogue is often the subject of much press speculation about botox use, but could the real reason she looks younger than her 42 years simply be that she is employing the more youthful Kelly as a stand-in? Or are they simply the same person? After all, who has ever seen them together? And they both have five letter names beginning with 'K'! Coincidence? Well yes, clearly, but I have to come up with something to base these otherwise-groundless conspiracy theories on, don't I?

So, Kelly and Kylie, separated at birth - what do you think? Answers on a postcard to the usual address.

Oh yes, and the "II" is because I've spotted something like this before...


  1. I guess you didn't see the episode in the last series where she actually pretended to be Kylie.

    1. No, I didn't, though a quick Google image search reveals the evidence. But pretending to be? I'll think you'll find there's no pretending required!