Thursday 23 April 2009

Who will win The Apprentice

Not a question but an assertion.

I watched The Apprentice for the first time this series last night. And surely there can only be one winner? For whilst half the contestants come across as argumentative children who surely have never held a proper job in the real world for very long (estate agent Philip, that would be you, for starters), and the other half seem almost religiously intent on either saying nothing at all (Noorul), too much (Lorraine), or simply abandoning all common sense in the pursuit of point-scoring with Margaret and Nick (James), the only person who seems to have her head screwed on is Kate. She can make a decision, fairly, keeps calm, leads a team effectively, has common sense, and most of all... most of all, she seems like someone you could have confidence in if they were working for you, and that you could get on and work effectively with if you were working alongside them.

The Apprentice, then, is surely all wrapped up? If I can find somewhere offering odds on who'll win, I might have a bet...