Thursday 22 May 2008

"And my girlfriend will be so, so angry..."

I had a shortlist of possible things to write about in this post. These are they, and why I haven't written about any of them:
  • Unrequited love - what do you do when the woman you love just doesn't feel the same way about you? I won't be writing about this because it's just too depressing for words.
  • Getting old - there comes a time when the child becomes the parent and the parents become the child. I don't like to think about parents getting old because the terminus of that train of thought is, literally, terminal. Again, too depressing for my current frame of mind.
  • Prospects (lack thereof) - when the chance comes to advance in your career, and all you need is some encouragement from your manager for it to happen, how depressing is it when that manager won't give a straight answer when given the opportunity to provide that encouragement, and then calls you a "pushover" in front of a colleague? That's enough splenetic venting on that, so it doesn't need a whole post.
  • Life as a succession of disappointments and failures - what do you do when you realise that, at the wrong end of your thirties, your career is going nowhere (except, maybe, backwards), the twin parental pillars of stability in your life are getting old and frail, you have no house, drive a seven year old car, have no family of your own and are in love with a woman who feels warmth for you but no desire - where do you go from there?
So I won't be writing about any of that, because I want to get to the end of this post without slitting my wrists.

Instead, I'll write about a vaguely stupid song, and about the power of music to transport you immediately back to a period in your life when that song was relevant. I was in Dublin over the weekend and heard "Where's Me Jumper?" by The Sultans of Ping FC in the Old Jameson Distillery souvenir shop and instantly, in my head at least, I was 21 again. Vaguely stupid, maybe, but also brilliant - I urge you to download the MP3 from Turquoise Days. Go on... do it now!

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