Thursday 7 September 2006


I took a beach-based holiday last month. Obviously this leant itself well to that traditional male pastime of evaluating ladies in biknis and other skimpy summer-wear. Tremendous fun, obviously... so if you don't want to read something that could ruin this game for you forever, look away now!

You see, I took to rating every woman I saw against the woman I was with... subconsciously at first but then, when I realised what I was doing, I added some structure. I ended up concluding "more" or "less" for every girl I saw, depending how much I fancied them in comparison to my companion. I know, how shallow am I? But try it for yourself (and women can play too): evaluate how much you are attracted to any person you see in your age range (I leave that parameter up to your personal taste) and compare it to how much you fancy your current beau/belle. The law of averages suggests a 50/50 split. Since you won't know most people you see, you'll inevitably end up judging them on looks alone, but that's okay - again, I'll leave it up to you to judge attraction on whatever criteria you would normally use. If you're lucky, everyone else comes out as a "less"... but if the majority come out as "more", well, I hope that's not so depressing as to ruin the very act of lechery for you... forever...!

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