Sunday 20 August 2006

The joy of the local press

Leafing through a local paper yesterday, I came across the sort of story that you just don't get in the national press, regardless of whether you read The Sun or The Telegraph. The story in question concerned an elderly man complaining that he had been injured when a bag of plums was thrown at him from a speeding car. Now we shouldn't laugh... the poor gent was knocked over and suffered a bruised knee which, if you live in Thetford as this old chough does, is probably enough to warrant recalling bLiar from his hol's...
What gets me though is that this story made the paper! This drive-by plumming made the pages of "the country's top-selling regional morning newspaper", the Eastern Daily Press. How the provincial hack resisted the temptation to contort plumbago into the headline somehow ("plum-and-go" anyone?) is frankly beyond me.

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