Wednesday 6 April 2005

I take it all back...

Last month I wrote at some length regarding my concerns for the new version of Doctor Who. Well, two episodes in I find myself in the happy position of wanting to take it all back. Much has been written about the general excellence of Christopher Ecclestone; still more has been said about the exuberant brilliance of Billie Piper. Now Ecclestone is always good value and Piper, despite being somewhat lantern-jawed and over-doing the Estuary English, is very watchable. But for me, the real hero of this comeback is Russell T. Davies.

Davies's scripts sizzle with energy, pace and wit. The tempo is high - whole stories are comfortably resolved in 45 minutes - and the dialogue (mercifully not simplified for the kid-laden target audience) is crammed with loads of subtle jokes aimed squarely at adult viewers. So thank you Russell; I was very worried about my childhood TV memories being slaughtered - instead, I find myself making pleasurable new, adult ones instead.

Now here's hoping the imminent big-screen version of "Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy" is half decent too...

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