"Doing..." city guides archive

I hand-coded my first website way back in 1996. I guess that made me a relatively early adopter. That site was text-heavy, because photos and graphics slowed page loads - this was in the dial-up days (kids, ask your parents). Anyway, the first page I wrote that got a lot of traffic was a quick and dirty guide to Dublin - part of the reason it got so popular was that, for a while, I offered the answers to the Dublin Literary Pub Crawl quiz (I stopped when the organisers contacted me). But anyway, the success of that path begat the creation of other similarly quick and dirty city guides for tourist hot-spots.

Part of the problem with travel guide websites is that they go out of date quickly, and I finally gave up trying to keep these guides current in 2008. But the pages are still there... or were, until the host I had been using since Geocities expired (kids, ask your parents) decided I had violated their terms of service by having too much traffic, and that the only way I could unviolate their terms of service would be to upgrade to a paid account. Which would be fair enough if that site had a lot of traffic. It doesn't (362 page views in the whole of 2019), so I feel they're just trying to rail-road me into paying. I don't like being rail-roaded, so am just going to let the old site die. A shame, because there are hundreds of links to it, from all over the place, and I can't even get into my account to set up redirects, so they will all cease to work... still, I'll only be losing 362 page views a year, so I'll probably live. And I've already moved a lot of the other content elsewhere anyway...

So here's a page that condenses all six of the old "Doing ..." city guides into one page. Caveat emptor, this is old, out of date, presented here for historical interest as much as anything. But as long as you're happy with that, choose your city:

Canterbury | Chichester | Dublin | Edinburgh | Norwich | York