Tuesday 8 September 2015

This blog continues to decline

It occurs to me that I haven't blogged anything on here for the best part of three weeks. That's partly because I've been away on holiday, and partly because what little Internet time I have had has been used up with carpet-bombing various social media (apologies, friends and followers) in a successful attempt to crowd-source a cinema screening of Pulp Fiction (more about that here). I need to be truthful though, and acknowledge the fact that the muse just hasn't struck me - I have precious little to write about, as evidenced by last month's slightly desperate "slutspurt" post.

Anyway... I was going to write about how, more than 26 years after I last did one, I've just signed myself up to do an A-level. I know, mad, right? But I've long felt that I made the wrong subject choices for the sixth form, and though nothing can correct that (or the resultant, somewhat disappointing grades) I have to scratch this itch. And since I can't afford to do a diploma course or, more expensive still, a third degree, A-level English Literature will have to do. Wish me luck.

But I didn't write about that, because no-one outside of my house is interested. Instead, I thought I might blog about Winnie Cooper from The Wonder Years, because I used to have a bit of a minor crush on her way back when, and had stumbled upon a picture of her all grown up. But you probably didn't have a minor crush on Danica McKellar, so the post (which I got as far as drafting) just looked like a weak excuse for a picture of a pretty woman who'd forgotten some clothes. SFW, but still pretty weak, as blog posts go.

Instead, I've given up trying to think of something post-worthy, and will just share this with you, on the basis that I'm a bit of a Kubrick nut - some of you might be too, and those that aren't might start to be. Enjoy.

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